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1. Untitled sketch

2. Untitled portrait sketch

3. Untitled landscape sketch

4. Two-trunked tree and foliage

5. Two trees with foliage

6. Two Napoleonic Soldiers

7. Trompe-l'œil collage

8. Tree with shrub

9. Three trees

10. Sketches of rustic scenes

11. Sketch of trees

12. Sketch of tree

13. Sketch of soldier in profile

14. Sketch of rock formations

16. Sketch of man on rural road

17. Sketch of house and grounds

18. Sketch of house

19. Sketch of distant cityscape

21. Sketch of children's faces

22. Sketch of cherubs

23. Sketch of an old bridge

24. Sketch of a horse

25. Portrait sketch, "Lavinia"

27. Portrait sketch of young man

29. Portrait sketch of woman

33. Miranda and Prospero

37. Landscape sketch of seaside

38. Landscape sketch of house

45. Landscape painting, fir tree

48. Cluster of trees and foliage

49. Brabants, seat of Bishop Smith

50. Bookboards