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1. vehicle parked at crossroads

7. broken windowpane wooden house

9. Youths showing cows

12. Youth with cow

13. Youth with chicken

22. Young woman shooting rifle

23. Young people swimming

24. Young girl feeding poultry

25. Young boy with hog

26. Young boy with hog

27. Young boy reading trail sign

28. Yorkville - Shelbyville Road

29. York County marker

30. Yellow Mountain Road sign

31. Yellow Mountain Road sign

32. Yard outside of small house

34. YCC members paving cement

35. YCC members laying cement

36. YCC members laying cement

37. YCC member with cement mixer

38. YCC leadership members

39. YCC leadership members

44. YCC individuals in back of truck

45. YCC group photograph

46. YCC group outside visitor center

49. YCC group mixing cement

50. YCC group members paving cement