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1. Young child in white clothes sitting in chair

2. Young boy standing near a baby

4. Women in dark colored coats and hats.

5. Women at the ocean's edge.

6. Woman wearing tight white dress

9. Woman in black dress clothes and black hat

12. William Lamar Bryan Jr. in suit and tie

13. William Lamar Bryan

15. Warehouse with displays

16. Waccamaw River and Burroughs Warehouse

17. Virginia Marshall's Home

18. Virginia Burroughs as a child in a white dress

19. View of the strand through crowd

22. View of the Waccamaw River

26. Unidentified woman wearing her hair up

28. Unidentified church. (Painted white)

29. Unidentified Schoolhouse

32. U.S. Engineer Maps of the Waccamaw River, 1903

33. Two young girls sitting on ground

36. Two waiters with a father and his son

40. Two suited gentleman

41. Two rows of elderly people in a church

44. Two men presenting awards to nurses

45. Two men inside the FCX Service store