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1. Global Vision Award Acceptance Speech

2. Farewell Remarks as Ambassador

3. Cartoon Advertisement

4. "Truce or Peace in Korea?"

5. "Tradegy of KAL 007"

6. "Three Factors for American Greatness"

9. "The Culture Factor Still Counts"

11. "Some Thoughts on Korean Unification"

15. "Safeguarding Taiwan's Future"

16. "Remembering the Rangoon Bombing"

20. "Looking Toward the Centennial"

24. "Korean-American Economic Relations"

25. "Korea: The Country that Found Itself"

27. "If Seoul is to Enjoy Democracy"

28. "Idealism and Realism: A Chinese Dimension"

30. "Eight Realities in U.S.-Korean Relations"

31. "East Asia and U.S. Foreign Policy"

37. "Alaska and Pacific Rim Trade"

38. "A Soldier Reviews His Education"

39. "A Scottish Thanks (No Funds Involved)"